Back to the trail – part 1: White Mountain Adventure

A little late in getting this posted, but we hit the Appalachian Trail again this summer. ?It was Kendall and I, plus Mason this time as well as 4 friends from church. ?This trip all got started last summer when I was talking about our trip to Shenandoah and Greg, a guy I go to church with, expressed some interest in doing a section hike. ?10 months, a few planning meetings and a lot of miles in the car later, we were in Pinkham Notch getting ready for what would turn out to be a really challenging, but really rewarding 8 days on the AT.
This hike was a lot different than our previous section in Shenandoah, but as I come off this section (and with the benefit of a few weeks or R&R back home), I can say that it has only strengthened my resolve to through hike. ?Where there is a will there is way.
Mason, Kendall and I say down to record our experiences on the first half of the trip, including:

  • A pretty easy first day from Pinkham Notch to Osgood tent site
  • A way harder second day over Mt Adams and Madison to get the Perch (with some getting separated and lost for good measure)
  • A recovery third day with awesome weather to get great views from Mt. Washington and an overnight stay at Lake of the Cloud hut.
  • A very nice fourth day that got us in pretty early at Nauman tent site
  • A surprise 5th day that you’ll have to listen to hear what happened…


An annotated map of the plan for our 8 day adventure (things don’t always go as planned…)

Look at all those smiling faces and clean clothes! First morning on the trail.

A lot of this on day 1. Not too much different from Shenandoah.

We had it made at Osgood tent site. There plenty early and an extra platform to setup the tarp and play cards.

And then this happened on day 2.

At least someone was enjoying themselves.

No one said anything about rock climbing!

This is what 2 miles in 4 hours looks like at the top of Mt. Madison.

Coldest night of the trip at The Perch (sort of…this is a stealth spot since the campground was “full” by the time we got there after recovering Kendall from her unplanned side trip)

Back at it Day 3 and not looking to worse for the wear.

Fighting off the tourist who drive to the top in the car to get a pick at the sign.

Sunset from Lake of the Clouds Hut

Ready to face the day after a hearty breakfast at Lake of the Clouds.

Last night for the full group on the trail at Nauman Tent site.







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