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  • 471 days later

    I’m heading back to the office for the first time since we were supposed work from home for 6 weeks. Of course there is a traffic jam. It feels like a first day in a new office. A commute is nice every now and again, but I think this will be an occasional occurrence.

  • Men at 40

    Long past 40 but heard this today on reboot and it hit. Hard. Men At Forty By Donald Justice Men at forty Learn to close softly The doors to rooms they will not be Coming back to. At rest on a stair landing, They feel it Moving beneath them now like the deck of a ship,…

  • David Whyte on Friendship

    I read the Three Marriages last year after an initial introduction to David Whyte on the Making Sense podcast.  He was back on a bit ago and read this, part of his newest book Consolations.  Love.  Every.  Word. Frindship is a mirror to presence and a testament to forgiveness.  Friendship not only helps us see…

  • Knowing when to give up when doing stupid things.

    The stupid thing we were going to do got stupider with 3-4 inches of packed snow on the trail so I pulled the rip cord about 12 miles in. I was way off my min pace (glad I had that sheet calculated ahead of time and with me). And the snow was not melting off.…

  • Added a hitch to the skoolie this weekend

    Picked up a 15,000 lb weld on curt hitch a few weeks ago. Spent a few hours on Saturday and Sunday getting it installed. A little more difficult than I thought, but really happy with how it turned out. Just have to get it welded up and then get the wiring setup and I’ll be…

  • Quarter million

    Picked up my 2008 MB E320 Bluetech in May of 2011 with about 32k miles. Just crossed a quarter million.

  • Resetting the clock

    Added 165 days to the clock today. Been considering it for a bit and I think it makes sense to tack on a bit more time to move on at a natural transition. Makes the math a bit easier although I won’t get to brag that “I retired in my 40s” ;-).

  • A gift from my past self to my present self

    This blogging thing is finally paying some dividends. Today comes a bit of perspective. Almost exactly 10 years ago today I was “trapped” in Europe due to an ash cloud that made it unsafe to fly. Reading the post I wrote after I got home brings back a flood of memories. At the time I…

  • Happy 21st and 19th