Bon jour

Long time no see. Not sure what happened there. Guess it was a combination of loosing steam post election and new year’s resolutions, specifically spending more time on meditation / journaling and giving up a hang up I had on reviewing every book I read. 
My Facebook fast is well into its second month. When I did it last January I got the joneses almost immediately. This time was way different. Not only did I not miss it, I actually felt better – more in control, more focused / less distracted. I realized that I was “just clicking over for a few scrolls” everytime I felt just the slightest bit of “resistance” in whatever I was doing. It was worse on my phone. Removing the option has helped me stay more on task and while it may be more uncomfortable in the moment, it leads to much better days. All fears of being disconnected are gone. If anything I am more connected to those I am closest to and less reactionary to the daily churn. 
I finally took a few of the maker courses I’d been wanting to for a while at a local hacker space. I am now certified on the metal shop tools and the mill. I’m going to try to get back to welding class in the next few months. It feels good to know how to make things.
Although I’ve not been reviewing them here, I have been reading quite a bit and from.a wide variety. I read a book on pilgrimage that you can hear me yap about on a new podcast project I started with my friend Jason.  I also finished a book that was supposed to be about cultural Marxism, but ended up being more about opera and Faust. Caveat emptor I suppose. I also finished a book on the philosophy espoused by a prolific French writer.  This was a great read and got me motivated again to try to finish at least one volume of In Search of Lost Time. It’s already in my Tsondoku pile, so maybe soon.
A few things are falling in place for experiences this year. I’m suffering a bit from last year being a blow out – Bunbury, Russia, New Hampshire, Ireland. Going to be hard to top that so I don’t think I’ll try. New Hampshire / Porcfest is already set (kudos to the FSP team for taking bitcoin from the get go this year). Also planning a week or so on the Appalachian Trail through the Shenandoah Valley with the elder daughter after she graduates from HS in May. Still thinking on the whole family trip, but hhe pressure is on since life has a way of filling in all the open spots on your calendar without active intervention. 
That’s it for now. Gotta fly home from my favorite Parus airport and get home. 






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