Match video and commentary from the Michigan State IDPA Match

I traveled to Brooklyn, MI this past weekend to particiapte in my first sanctioned / State level match (truth be told, I was already in the area for work, but that was just a lucky coincidence).  It was the Michigan State match held at the Brooklyn Sportsmans Club.  It was a great facility and a wonderful match.
Going in I wanted to work on accuracy and stage planning.  I had a few shining moments on the accuracy side, but overall (as my points down attests) it was not my most accurate performance.  Of course more than 25% of my points down came from one stage (as well as almost half of my PE + FTN + Hit Not Threat points)…and that was what I consider a “non-traditional IDPA” memorization style stage.  Not making excuses – I still should have had a plan and made my shots.
I tried something different with the video this time: voice over.  I tried to analyze my own game footage.  It may be mostly valuable to me as a training aid, but I thought I would share it here in case (a) it might help someone else or (b) someone might see something I can do to improve that I missed.  Comments in both directions welcome.






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