Match video from this weekend's IDPA match

Haven’t been posting a lot here (epic summer in progress…coming to an end shortly).  But I was able to grab some match footage from this weekend’s IDPA match at Lloyd’s WMA in Critteden, KY.  It wasn’t my best match, but I still learned a few things:

  1. Always have a stage plan.  This couldn’t come at a better time since I am competing in the MI state match this coming weekend.  Stage planning will be key. I’ll be spending at least 30 minutes the next few nights going over my stage plans for the 11 stages in the match.
  2. Always make sure you have enough ammo…and go back to your bag when you don’t.  I added at least 5 seconds to my score for an FTN in stage 4 since I ran it only with 10+1 and a reload of 10…and it was an 18 round minimum stage.
  3. I need to work on my accuracy.  Due to a scoring issue, I had to do some manual manipulation of the scoring and forgot to multiple the points down by half (instituting the long rumored 1 second penalty by accident).  In those results I came in 10th.  When I re-calculated with the (currently) correct half second penalty, I moved up to sixth.  The 1 second penaty is coming…I need to get prepared.






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