Slow is fast, except when it isn't

I shot an IDPA classifier this past weekend. It was a bit of a cluster.  I’ve been pretty busy so I had little time to prepare, much less practice, which resulted in me having to shoot my Glock 35 rather than the HK VP9 which I’ve been using as my match gun for the last year or so since all I had sorted, cleaned and ready to load was 40s&w brass and components.  Lack of prep time included the day of the classifier, since I had to drive back from Columbus the morning of the match and head straight to the range.
Since I wasn’t prepped mentally and didn’t have my preferred setup, I decide to shoot it as an experiment: what would happen if I forced myself to go really slow.  Could I improve my points down enough to make up for the extra time on the clock.
Here are the results from the classifier I show last Nov, the first I did with my HK VP9:
2016-05-25 10_18_43-Event Details - NKSSA IDPA Local Classifier Match - IDPA
And here are the results from this past weekend’s match with the Glock 35:
2016-05-25 11_23_38-Event Details - NKSSA Annual Classifier - IDPA
I was 14 fewer points down (=7.5 seconds under current scoring) and added 7.72 seconds of clock time by trying to go slower for essentially a wash in total score.  I was shooting 40, so this is somewhat of an accomplishment (to tie my previous score shooting 9mm), but still not what I was hoping for.  June is going to be crazy, but I need to carve out some time for some practice if this is going to get better.






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