GoPro Video from April 2 2016 IDPA Match

For your viewing pleasure, GoPro video from this weekend’s IPDA match at Lloyd’s WMA in Crittenden, KY.  It was a rough morning (truck died on the way to the match) and I had the normal distraction of setting things up and getting things going which comes along with being the match director, so when I told myself to slow down and make my shots, I was actually really happy with my performance.  I had been slipping in the rankings the last few matches, and was able to claw my way back up a few spots (6th out of 19 in this case).  I still had a few fumbles with my reloads due to improperly functioning index fingers (i.e. even though it was April, it was still cold and the VP9 reloads seems to be a warm weather function for me…).  I’d still like to find time to practice more (need to get on with that dry fire program…), but overall I am happy that at least I get out once a month to practice on the clock.
Check out my IDPA page if you are interested in the match at Lloyd’s / to sign up for the once a month email with scores from the previous match and links to sign up for next months match.






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