The morality of voting for the lesser of two evils

For all of you that don’t understand my position of not voting, read this.

(HT to Stephan Kinsella for posting Facebook…only changing media since this ended up being too long and I know no one will actually read it there).

This article, written almost 20 years ago by Wendy McElroy, describes exactly my thoughts when I hear that one of you is “voting for the lesser of two evils”.  She lays out in just a few paragraphs why that approach is not effective and more importantly immoral…at least if you value human freedom.

If you are truly voting because you know the person you are voting for aligns with your values, then there are some other discussions that we should have about who owns who and the replacement of magic with sorcery (also know as the change from the divine right of kings to the mythos of democracy), but I sense with the candidates that seem likely to emerge after this past Tuesday that many of you are gearing up to demonstrate your preference for a lesser evil.

If you find yourself in that camp and your vote and what it represents mean as much as you say, then take 5 minutes and read the article.






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