Yeah, I know I’m a month late.  But I wanted to make sure I was going to actually keep up with them before I posted them.  I know what you are thinking: shouldn’t you post about them before you start to hold you accountable?  Sure, that’s one way to do it.  I’m doing it a different way.
The first one is a carry over from last year.  I have been interested in Kettlebells since I first heard about them on the Joe Rogan show a few years ago.  I found a local place that had great reviews and even a few personal friends who trained there.  It was one excuse after another though, so I finally signed up in November for a 10 week beginner class.  That I just completed in 6 weeks (minus a week I didn’t go due to work travel).  It’s great and I just signed up for a second 10 week intermediate class.
The second is an extension of some reading I did last year as well as the completion of a to-do I’ve had sitting on swipes since I first started it using it at the start of last year: medidate.  I’m a few weeks into an 8 week course outlined in a book I finished over the Christmas break.  The key to me finally getting started was giving up on the idea that all things have to start on a Monday.  I start a new cycle of the course each Saturday and so far so good.
The third is something I also tried to do last year with little success: journaling.  I am just not a good journaler.  I bought the smallest moleskine I could find and still managed to fill less than half through the course of all of last year.  So I am “cheating” and using a five minute journal.  I was a dummy and ordered mine too late so it only showed up a few days ago, so I only have a few reps here, but it seems to be easy enough that I am declaring that it will stick.
Next is supplements.  I had moved away from taking multi-vitamins a year or so ago.  I haven’t picked up a generic supplement, but after my blood tests last summer, I did start taking a big Omega-3 dose every day.  To deal with a slight bit of seasonal affective disorder, I am also taking a vitamin D every day.  The most recent add is a daily Neuro-Clarity, a near nootrpoic.  I’ll be the first too admit that it could be a placebo affect (or the effect of the meditation, exercise and journaling), but I can tell a definate difference in my clarity, recall and focus.
How are your resolutions going?






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