Great expectations

I’ve gained a lot from listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast over the last few months.  I will admit that when I first heard of his breakout book, I thought it sounded a little like snake oil sales.  After reading it, I changed my mind though and subscribed to his podcast.  It has been one of the best feed adds of 2015.  His guests are great and the conversations are even better (mostly because of the good questions he asks).
One tip that one guest offered (not recalling exactly which one, but he did mention it again in a recent episode on what he learned from his guests) was to set the dates for vacations far in advance.  The idea was you get a double benefit: you get the experience of actually going on the trip when that date comes, but the more time you have to plan you get all of those experiences as well.
So, yesterday afternoon, after a few weeks of research, we huddled around the screen, did some flight searches on Kayak and booked 4 tickets to the emerald isle for July.  We’re flying into / out of Dublin and currently plan to head north to Belfast, then over to Sligo then down to Galway / Burren (to see a day or two of the Galway International Arts Festival) before cutting across the middle to head back to Dublin.  But that’s just today’s plan.  I have about 180 days to come up with better ones and if Tim’s right that could be almost as much fun as the trip.






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