My new third place

I first heard about the concept of a “third place” in a magazine article I was reading about starbucks a few years ago. Recently I was reading a book that referenced another book (which I haven’t read, but is on my ever expanding Amazon wish list) that clued me in on the fact that the idea is much older and goes back to how pubs and cafes have been used for hundreds of years. Not work. Not home. But a third place where you go to get things done.  Work related things, home related things or other related things. Reading, working or communing.
I finally to the plunge today and signed up for a subscription at a co working spot in downtown Covington called Platform53.  I have a great home office where I am very productive. And I have an good OK work office for getting a few things done when I happen to be there for meetings.  What I hope to get out of my new third place is somewhere I can go (once a month with my current subscription) to break things up a bit: get focused when I am distracted, get inpiration when I am in the weeds and get some ideas from outside the corporate pools I regualrly swim in.
And lunch.  My new co working space will make sure that once a month I get some really good lunch.  Today I had a a spectacular Cuban sandwhich at Frida…highly reccomended.  Bust mostly its about finding a third place that lets me change things up when I’m being efficient at the cost of effectiveness.






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