GoPro video from local IDPA match this past weekend

I was supposed to miss this past weekend’s local IDPA match at Lloyd’s Wildlife Management Area in Crittenden but I ended up being able to go.  I am the match director for this match but since I wasn’t planning on being there someone else had planned all the stages and ran most everything on site.  Which meant that I was free to just participate (I did act as half time SO for my squad and did one new shooter briefing for a late arriver so I didn’t completely rest on my laurels.

Overall, it looks like I finished second out of 19 shooter and first if my division and class.  The overall number one beat me by about 4 seconds shooting CDP.  based on accuracy as he was only 9 points down (I was 22).  I’m still super happy with the pistol I have been using for the last few matches: The HK VP9.  I finally tracked down some more magazines for it, so can run without fear of running out of rounds on long stages.  I also ordered a holster for it.  The leather one I got with it is OK, but I am just a kydex fan boy, so there is one on the way from G-Code.  I also ordered and received in time for this match a set of pistol tacos hooked up to the Raven Concealment setup that makes it possible to attach them to a pistol belt.  They tacos are super adjustable so this may be the last magazine carrier I have to buy.
For whatever reason it just points well for me and I am able to see everything more quickly for the follow-up shots.  I am sure some of that has to do with moving from 40 to 9, but I think a lot of it has to do with the ergonomics of the VP9.  Not only does the grip fit my hand very well (running the slim side panel on the finger side, the medium back and the medium side panel on the palm side) but the trigger is great – not only the mechanism, but also the blade.  Unlike a lot of other polymer guns, the VP9 trigger is pretty broad and flat, making it less sensitive to finger placement.  I may replace the front site, but other than that I am sticking with it as is through the rest of the matches this year and into my next classifier.






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