Going bare(foot)

A minor epiphany last week when I was at Porcfest.  After Tuesday’s deluge, everything was wet, including my sandals.  On Wednesday, rather than walk around in them and rub my feet raw as they dried, I decided to go barefoot for the day (yes, I am becoming a dirty hippie ;-).  I go shoeless sometimes at home, especially when gardening, so my feet are accustomed to being without shoes, but nonetheless, about halfway through the day they were getting pretty sore.

The then epiphany: despite the conscious decision to go barefoot for perfectly logical reasons, I had continued to make the unconscious decision to walk on the paved roads throughout the campground, even though I could have easily made it almost everywhere I wanted to go walking on grass.  I had made a change in order to be more comfortable (not wearing wet sandals all day) but had ended up being just as uncomfortable because I didn’t change the path I took to get places.
I learned a lot about liberty last week, but this was perhaps my deepest insight.






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