Porclog day 2

Glad that’s over. The annual porcfest deluge that is. Rain was in the forecast, but the weather guessers missed big time on the frequency and duration. The few campsites that were swamps are now many. Fortunately we were left out of that group.
Other than the weather, it was a great first full day at Porcfest. The big news of the day was Mason’s first success as an entrepreneur.  He and Kendall made Paracord bracelets and an essential oil based spray to soak them in as natural mosquito repellents. Mason did most of the work, but I’ll let them work out the fallacies of the labor theory of value for themselves.
The bigger small seed that was hopefully planted is that he can provide for himself. He can do things that others value and ask for money from them. Although I may need to water that seed a bit since he asked for money at dinner last night for a root beer float 😉 (I did tell him he should look in his own pockets first).
This morning’s wake up call wasn’t rain, but rather crows.  I wish I’d remember to bring my pellet gun. Day 3 starts now.

Campsite drying out after the deluge






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