Porclog day 1

Safely arrived at Porcfest yesterday around noon yesterday.  Setting the over night at Albany was a much better idea than Utica.  Having an actual reservation at an actual hotel was an even better idea.
After a little later start that I planned (blocked in by a delivery truck at the hotel), the drive up to Lancaster was incident free.  The arrival was a little more exciting with the tail end of this going on as we pulled in:

The conspiracy theorists were quick to blame it all on a false flag organized by Michael W. Dean from a remote bunker in the hills of Wyoming to scare Porcsellers into adopting the bipcot no-gov license.
I was able to keep the kids in the campsite for the first hour to help with the setup which worked out better than expected (low expectations are key!).  The few adds from last year have already come in handy, specifically the Kelty Noah tarp to cover the cooking / common area.  It’s not Porcfest unless its raining.
With camp set, I headed to Agora valley to buy some lunch.  We’re here 2 days earlier than we were last year and there isn’t as much setup yet, so the picking were a little slim, but I was able to grab some awesome BBQ and an all organic, local salad for the girl, all paid for with bitcoin.  It may just be an artifact of being here early, but the 4G is much better than last year.  The bitcoin transactions have all gone through pretty much instantly.  (BTW- the boy didn’t go hungry.  He grabbed some junk silver at the camp site and headed off with his tribe, no doubt eating something deep fried.)
Well fed, I headed down to the lower camp area where the session tents are to find the Creating Communities tent, where I was giving a session later in the day.  I found that, checked in and then it was off to Shaw’s to stock up on the essentials (Beer and Oreo’s).  Bought some ice (with bitcoin),stocked the cooler and headed to my first session, a talk by “The Worst Mom in America” about why we have become so paranoid about our kids.  Pretty entertaining and a few good ideas added to the notebook.
Had to take off a bit early from Lenore’s session to get set for my session.  I was a little nervous about turn out, but had no reason to be – there were about 30 folks there and everybody seemed to have a great time.  Stepping out of my comfort zone was a big win again.
The day ended with another trip through the Agora valley for dinner (bitcoin again) and a hempzel, a few interesting chats with some new friends and a stop at the bonfire before hitting the rack a bit earlier than I will the rest of the week.  The rain started at about 4 AM and it got loud around 6, so awake I was and coffee was started.  Good, slow morning at the campsite then hanging in the media room to get this (and a few other things posted).  Day 2 has begun.






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