"Fixing" democracy one app a time

Interesting idea.  It’ll really take off when it adds a monetization component, i.e. being able to put money behind certain positions and then allow policy makers to tap that money when they support that position.  Political Kickstarter.  And payment will only be upon receipt.  I think that might be along the lines of what Dan Carlin has talked about on a few of his more recent common sense shows.

“The mission of the company is to empower people in their civic life and to have influence over the direction their society goes in by having them articulate and identify where they stand on issues uncover alignment with friends, get organized into groups of like-minded people and ultimately act collectively to shape the policies that affect their lives,” said Mahan, who was previously the president and CEO of Causes.

Source: Sean Parker’s Brigade App Enters Private Beta As A Dead-Simple Way Of Taking Political Positions | TechCrunch






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