From Techcrunch: Hard-Core Career Advice For A 13-Year-Old

Fascinating post from James Altucher on Techcrunch yesterday where he shares the answers he gave to his daughter about what he does:

My daughter Mollie had a homework assignment for her guidance class that had her ask me what I do for a living. This put me in a weird position. I do a lot of things. I didn’t know how to tell her.But it also shows that school is too focused on “education leads to a job.” This is not true anymore.The reality is the average person has 14 different careers in their lives and the average multi-millionaire has seven different sources of income. So anything that is “one-job focused” will create a generation of kids that will learn the hard way that life doesn’t work like that.

The punchline comes early on:

…learning how to learn is more important than memorizing facts.

That is 100% true and I honestly don’t know how well the current approach to schooling helps students actually do this.  This past year of home education has made me see how natural learning patterns emerge if you give time and space for them to do so.
Source: Hard-Core Career Advice For A 13-Year-Old | TechCrunch
It seems that TC is on a learning binge: How should we learn?

Data is not knowledge however, and knowledge is not wisdom.

More truth.






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