Vinyl memories

In 1985, at the age of 12, I left the US for the first time and travelled with my family to Germany and Austria.  I was a member of the Cincinnati BoyChoir (yes, 2nd soprano and everything…) and we were “competing” against the still world famous Vienna Boys Choir on their home turf.  In the end we “sang hard” and won a “superior rating” and a special trophy.  But we were no match for the pros ;-).
I’ve had the album of our performance on my bookshelf for decades (many different bookshelves actually) and never had a way to play or record it.  For what ever reason, my son took a recent interest in LPs and used some of his Christmas money to buy a vinyl disc spinner.  I hooked up my Edirol, set it to max bits and recorded what you’ll hear below.
The first track is the recording from the actual competition.  The B-side tracks are from some other performance – not sure when and it doesn’t say on the back of the album.  Hopefully I’m not breaking any copyrights by posting this here.  Hopefully my blog is popular enough that if I am, I’ll get a takedown notice.






2 responses to “Vinyl memories”

  1. Michele Kelley Avatar
    Michele Kelley

    Remember sitting inthe auditorium listening to this like it was yesterday. So proud of all of you. I may be remembering tho
    Is incorrectly, but I thought they released a cd that we bought of this many years later.

    1. Chris Avatar

      CD, really? Never saw that – would make a better copy than I got of the record if you have it.

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