Dealing with disappointment

For me, the hardest part about dealing with disappointment is the post-disappointment self flagellation.  I usually don’t dwell for too long on the source of the disappointment, either the thing I wanted that I didn’t get or the thing I didn’t that I did.  Rather, my inner perfectionist rears its ugly head and I beat myself up for not seeing the main reason for things not going my way, which due to 20/20 hindsight, is always so obvious afterwards.  The more seemingly obvious the reason, the worse I feel.
I was disappointed yesterday and the reason is so obvious (now) that I should have seen it coming a mile away / months ago and not elevated my hopes so much.  For some reason though this one really isn’t bothering me all that much.  Maybe I knew the reason…but just didn’t admit it to myself.  Have to have a think on this one.






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