GoPro Video from my IDPA match yesterday

My lovely and talented wife got me a GoPro for my birthday this year and I’ve been using it to record my IDPA matches – they are fun (for me) to watch and there are few things I see where I can improve.
I’ve been shooting IDPA for more than 5 years now.  I actually am the match director for a monthly match that I started at the range a few miles from my house – the good thing about that is that it makes me shoot at least once a month.  IDPA is a great sport for anyone looking to get more proficient with their handgun in simulated real world defensive situations.  If you are near by, come check out our match or if not, check out’s club finder to find a match close to you.  You can come and watch a match, but if you have the gear to compete, I suggest you bring it – once you see it, you’ll want in!






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