Summer "break"

Despite the nasty winter and all of the associated snow days, both of our kids are scheduled to finish school as originally scheduled, which means they only have a few weeks left before the are on summer break.
It should be a pretty fun, albeit busy, summer.  The pool is open and almost ready to use (if it would just stay warm we’d be set…may be time to fire up the heater).  The horses are all in good shape and I put in a round pen over spring break.  Between those two things and the regular upkeep that should fill in all of the leisure time around the house.
The there are the planned activities.  We will kick things off with a long weekend trip to Red River gorge with the church youth group (me and the kiddos).  A few weeks after that we’ll all head to Chicago for a few days of volleyball and some excellent food.  A few weeks later, the boy and I will be headed to St. Louis – me to be the punch dummy for some folks getting trained in Law Enforcement Krav Maga techniques and him to laugh and point at me (he’ll actually be in another session learning from a bunch of different martial artists…so laughing and pointing will have to wait until the evening).
Just 3 days after we get back from that, he and I will be headed up to New Hampshire for PorcFest.  We haven’t been before, so I am really interested to spend a few days meeting some of the people that I spend so much time reading and listening too.  A few days after I return, the daughter is off to Colorado Springs for a 5 dayTeam USA Volleyball camp.  We fly out to watch her play on the last day of camp and then head to Rocky Mountain National Park for a week long vacation filled with hiking, sight seeing, and some elk steaks.
Once we get back from that it will be a whole month of nothingness – just hanging out at the house – reading, swimming, riding, hiking, chilling, eating, and just enjoying each other’s company.  I can’t remember being this excited for a break since I was in school.  Hope you have something cool planned for the summer.






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