Two stories from Nevada

Although it hasn’t gotten nearly the media coverage it deserves, most everyone is at least somewhat aware of what’s been going on in Nevada between Rancher Cliven Bundy and the BLM.  If you’re not part of the almost, the short version is that the BLM claimed that Rancher Bundy’s cattle was grazing on “their” land illegally and Rancher Bundy claimed that the BLM was managing his grazing land illegally.  Push almost came to shove before the BLM (and some very operator looking fellows) decided to pull up stakes (for now) and head back to whatever mall ninja shop they hole up in.
There are a few stories that have come out recently that are worth mentioning:

  • The “purge” of documents from public records that link Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to a land scheme which would have enabled a Chinese company to put in a solar farm on the land currently occupied by Bundy’s cattle.  I am generally not a fan of the sensational sort of news that Alex Jones puts out, but I honestly think he and his team broke and important story here.  You might be tempted to dismiss the evidence as circumstantial, but the fact that the records have been purged, the land that the Chinese firm wanted to use for the solar farm is being used by Bundy’s cattle, the BLM was exterminating the tortoise before they were protecting it (the environmental version of “I was before it before I was against it”) and (the kicker), Sen. Reid’s son is a representative of the Chinese firm…to me it seems like a pattern.
  • Facebook blocking the video of the confrontation and eventual (for now) retreat of the BLM “solidiers”.  Unlike Mr. Jones reporting, I generally like what Ben Swann and his network have to say.  In this case, however, there is one sentence that made me question the perspective of the writer:

Facebook’s lean to the left becomes more prevalent as the days go on.

I’ve been questioning some of Facebook’s decisions about how they filter and promote content for a while now.  I really do think they are making  themselves less useful to me as an information source.  Every time I go there I wonder about all the posts from people and pages that I have said I am interested in that they are hiding from me because they think they know what I am interested in better than I do.  They are becoming what they replaced – the mainstream media.  But I think Mr. Lofti (writer for on this article) misses the point when he says that Facebook is leaning to the left when the censor this kind of content.  Where they are really leaning is towards the state, regardless of which side of the same left/right coin gets to be king that year.






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