IFTF event on bitcoin

I just missed signing up for an IFTF event on crypto currency (but the event videos look like they will be posted next week).  Just flipped through this slideshare deck from one of the presenters and saw a few interesting topics (specifically the “green” aspect of crypto currency vs. physical currency) and some points I have seen before (its a loosing proposition to be a miner at an individual level with the current difficulty level in solving a hash…that doesn’t make me want a butterfly labs jalapeño any less though…).

Future Opportunities and Economic Challenges for Cryptoledgers: Trends and speculative possibilities of frictionless trustless asset management from TIm Swanson
(PS – this is a little bit of a test…after my #bitcoin post yesterday my blog host got a lot of “love” from some machines in North Korea…seeing if lightening strikes twice).






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