Saw this article in my facebook feed today: Man Walks Nearly 3000 Miles Through China.  This spoke to me:

Christoph was asked about his state of mind while he was walking and what he was thinking. He replied “It was just the way it would be on any normal day. Sometimes you think. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you worry about passports, dangers, pains, relatives and loved ones, and at other times your steps are light and you sing songs in the desert. Sometimes it is boring. And sometimes you feel at peace.”

There are only a few things on my bucket list (maybe I should add some so I live longer…) and one of them is to walk all of the Appalachian Trail.  I have no idea why – it just seems like something that I would enjoy – time to think, time to see the natural world, time to only have to be worried about the next drink, the next meal and the next camp site.  Maybe someday…maybe someday soon.






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