What's my name again?

Do you ever wake up thinking you’ve somehow gone through the looking glass through the night, emerging in bizarro world where everything is backwards an upside down?  That’s exactly how I feel when I read things like this:

  • US Schools go full bore soviet – key quote “After reviewing this assignment, one mother stated, ‘I went to elementary school in Poland during communism. This is exactly what I was forced to learn.’”
  • Let’s You and Him fight – key quote “The last time I checked, there was a list of countries that the USA had sent troops, armed ships, and aircraft into recently, and for reasons similar to Russia’s in Crimea: the former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, none of them even anywhere close to American soil. I don’t remember Russia threatening confrontations with the USA over these adventures.”

We are becoming them.  They are becoming us.  I guess Krushchev was right – of course we are going to do the same to them.






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