The only thing stopping you is "wanna"

We had a snow day on Saturday.  No, school wasn’t going to be in and was cancelled.  It just snowed through the day and we didn’t need to go anywhere so we didn’t.  In between driveway plowing sessions I ended up getting sucked in to a few projects that had been on my “someday – maybe” to do list for a while now.
First I spent some time getting an old PC I had sitting around (was my home office desktop machine before I switched to Mac full time last summer) setup as a home server.  I finally ditched the TiVos a few weeks ago, so the starting idea was to get a basic MythTV install going so I could still have basic PVR functionality for the few over-the-air channels that we still get (cable has been gone for years).  Aiding in this venture was a small XBMC machine I built using the new Raspberry Pi I got over the holidays hooked up to my TV in the living room.
I had first tried to setup a mythtv machine 8 or 9 years ago (I think it was myth version 0.16 – it’s 0.27 now) and it was a total PITA that resulted in less than total satisfaction.  The machine was loud, hot and the driver for the (very expensive) OTA tuner card that I bought especially to work with mythtv was buggy.  What a difference a decade makes.  I downloaded a copy of mythbuntu (Ubuntu didn’t even exist the last time I messed with this – I think I used Fedora Core?) , created a bootable USB and was up and running in less than an hour, including a very stable connection to the HD Homerun network OTA tuner (dual tuner no less) and to the RaspBMC front end connected to the TV.
I looked outside and it was still snowing.  I had a brand new Linux server sitting in the basement so I started thinking about other things to do with it.  Thirty minutes later I had a 2 TB shared drive setup and connected to all the Macs (and my son’s PC) in the house.  An hour after that I had a 750 GB drive setup as a virtual Time Capsule to back up all of the 3 Macs we have in the house (they had all been backing up to separate drives hanging off of my airport extreme).  And a few hours after that I had an owncloud instance setup with another 2 TB drive that will let me get off of Google Drive / Drop Box (and give me way more storage).  It took me a bit longer (actually didn’t finish the last little bit until today) to get all of it accessible outside of my home network (secured with both SSL – and Two Factor Authentication through wikid).
I’m not a developer.  I really don’t know how to do any of this.  I just had the time (snow day), a vague need and enough “wanna” to keep trying things when they didn’t work right away.  Woody Allen is famous for saying that 80% of life is just showing up – if that’s true then I’m pretty sure the other 20% is wanna.






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