Well that was fun while it lasted

Well I’m back to work this week after a few weeks off.  This year’s Christmas break was the same as many in the past – a time to catch my breath, have a few days with no schedule and then try to cram too much into the last few days of it before I have to spend most of the good hours of the day at work.
While I had some time off, I:

  • Started and finished Christmas shopping.  Not sure what was up this year (late Thanksgiving maybe?) but I was really late getting going on getting gifts.  It’s not like I had a lot to buy, so other than the last minute trip to Ebay to get my Son’s most desired PS4, the late start didn’t cause any real issue.
  • Got to hang out with my family.  My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin from Virginia stayed with us for a few days over the break.  Always good to have more people in the house.
  • Got some really cool gifts.  Two of my favorites are the VitaMix (yes, it will blend…and yes, I know that’s a different company) and the Leatherman MUT.  Both should be useful.
  • Went bowling.  Realized I suck at bowling.
  • Hacked a bit.  I got (for myself) a Raspberry Pi and started to play around with it.  I spent a lot of time (and $) about 5 years ago playing around with building home theater PCs.  Amazing what you can get for $35 and a few downloads now.  I plan ti play some more and get one to control the greenhouse watering the spring.
  • Played grease monkey.  My 56 Willy’s Jeep engine is still trying to rebuild itself – and I seem to keep getting in the way.  I generally know what I am doing…it’s the specifics that keep slowing me down.  My goal is to have it running by my birthday and the good news is I have one of those each and every year.
  • Updated my Son’s room.  He’s a few months away from being a teenager, so all the kids furniture had to go.  A trip to my parent’s basement, to IKEA and to Amazon seems to have fixed him up for now.
  • Sent some lead downrange.  The monthly IDPA match at my local club was cancelled in December due to weather and it was pretty cold on the first Saturday in January, so I was interested to see who showed up.  7 brave souls (plus me) stood out in the sub zero weather for a few hours.  I didn’t shoot my best, but still managed to come in a close 3rd.
  • Went to an AFC Wildcard game with my son.  It was a great experience.  Too bad the home team broke my heart.  Again.  Still.

I’m sure I forgot a few things, but that was pretty much my break.  Should be enough to keep me going through the next few months before any more extended time off.






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