And I'm back!

Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to make it here to post. One week was deliberate – I was heads down working on a new site for my daughter’s club volleyball team. I’ve done a few sites over the years and I’m really happy with how this one turned out. I have used WordPress and Joomla for all the sites I have created – for this one I went with Joomla since I found a few Joomla plugins for finance and tournament scheduling that I’ll want to use eventually. The last site I did was he first to use a responsive template so I looked for one for this site too and found a really nice one to use for this project. To get it to work and look the way it needed to I had to dig into the templates PHP and CSS – so I got to learn about ‘inspect element’ in Chrome (it’s my new favorite command). I also discovered the K2 framework for Joomla – this will be a must install for all my Joomla sites from now on. Overall a great learning experience and something that will help me make bent yet sites in the future.
The second week of being away was not by choice – I wanted to get on here and brag about the new site I just got done with! However, godaddy had other ideas and my site (along with a whole bunch of other wordpress sites that they host) was offline for almost a week. It was finally restored, but I am still waiting for an explanation – and actively seeking another host.
Supposing thy godaddy can stay online or I can find a new host, I will be doing my best to finish up a few of the posts I have in drafts.






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