Not in my name

The “Syria issue” doesn’t seem to be going away.  Unfortunately, it seems I was wrong in thinking that it was just a distraction to keep the administration from having to actually discuss the state of American finances at the G20 summit – how embarrassing would that have been?
The full court press propaganda media campaign continues with Obama doing interviews with 6 different media outlets today on the eve of his speech to the nation to sell us on the idea of killing some people in Syria.  I won’t go in to the various lies justifications that are being given, but I do want to go on record with this: any attack on Syria IS NOT being done in my name / as the expression of my wishes.  It may seem rather presumptuous to think that matters to anyone, but its my blog and its important for me to be on the record that I was on the side of leaving well enough alone when it comes to Syria.  If US forces end up attacking Syria, it will have been based on the decision of the President, supported by a small (imaginary?) minority of US citizens and allowed by a congress that is too inept to seize control of one of the few powers expressly granted to it in the constitution.
If there is any silver lining to attacking Syria it may be that more people come to grips with the fact that an increasing number of our elected leaders are not doing the job they were hired to do: to represent the will and interests of the people that elected them.  And maybe a subset of those people will realize that the term RINO now applies to both sides of the isle (Representative in Name Only).  And maybe a tiny fraction of those people will realize that too many of those that we elected as representatives view themselves as our rulers – that they know what’s best for us.  And finally, a small percentage of those people will realize that if what we have is rulers rather than representatives, then  the whole premise of elections is illogical: why should people who are dumb enough in their day to day lives to need a ruler to tell them what to do, be smart enough in the voting booth the choose the right leader.  That percentage of a fraction of a subset of people will move on from trying to “fix” what’s wrong with America by working within the confines of the system – and that would be a good thing, the only good thing, to come out of another senseless war.
If the bombs start dropping and the bullets start flying, the opposing voices from the right will revert to the “rally ’round the troops” message and the left will default to the “stand by your man (i.e. the President)” bit.   Before its gets to that point, ask yourself a few questions and remember the answers before the fog of war sets in:  is the government that you elected (even if you didn’t vote for the people in office, if you voted you still took part in the process of electing them) representing your will?  If not, what can you really do about it?  Are you prepared to do it?






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