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I had the pleasure of returning to my High School alma mater last week to deliver a School Attacker Response Course.  It was the first one I have given in a while, so I was a little rusty (note to self: more prep time if you’ve not given one in a few months next time), but after about 30 minutes I got into the swing of things.  I was really happy to have the entire faculty and staff participate.  Not just attend, but participate.  They all were really engaged and asked lots of good questions (so many in fact that I got a bit off time in the first few sections – but hey, I’ll take questions any day over stone face silence ;-).

Discussing the core principles of the school attacker response course
Discussing the core principles of SARC

I sent around a link to a feedback form after the class to see what I need to do better next time and got some really good suggestions.  I realized this time out how hard it is to educate educators – they really know what they are doing in the class room and if you can’t stand and deliver they notice.  So I need to up my game a bit before my next course.  I drug out the intro way too long.  I didn’t have any slides which really could have been useful in the “demystifying the gun” section (in my defense the fad in corporate presentations is to not use slides – its supposed to show that you know what you are talking about).  The teachers did seem to like the worksheet I handed out to get people started thinking in each of the modules.
In the end I was just happy for the opportunity.  I presented a lot of information and even if just one bit of it was novel and/or useful to one teacher then it was worth doing.  I hope this is the start of a trend and I can get a few more bookings in local schools.
If you are interested in hearing a little bit of the course, an small excerpt is below where I talk about the third principle of the course (and where it gets it’s name): responding to an attacker.






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