So I was trying to get a post on here every day for 40 days.  I made it 8.  Posting every day and having it be even semi worthwhile is hard.  I have a long list of stuff I want to post on, but finding the time to sit down and work it from a few short notes that sort of make sense to me into something that even has a chance to make sense to anyone else is, well, hard.  Especially on days like today when I choose instead to do things like brew some homebrew and put up some things from the garden.
So scaling back that plan – the question is to what?  Twice a week…bet they will all come on Saturday and Sunday.  Once a week – Monday maybe, but then it will quickly slip into every other week.  Maybe this is a case where I need to have the commitment / plan to do it every day, give it my best, but be OK with the days that I don’t get to it.  I bet there are a lot of things that would work better if I did them that way…






2 responses to “Fail”

  1. nick Avatar

    Maybe it will be easier when UK basketball starts 🙂

    1. Chris Avatar

      There will be even less time then!

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