Is insurance worthless?

One question I get from a lot of folks goes something along the lines of “why do you spend so ____ (time, money, energy, thought) on _____ (gun training, medical training, martial arts, etc) when you are very unlikely to ever need to ____ (shoot someone in self defense, treat a serious injury, defend yourself against and attacker in an unarmed scenario.”  The question they are asking is right, but its not complete.
When I took my daughter to volleyball practice this morning, it was pretty unlikely that I would have a fatal car accident, and whaddya know, probability worked for me and we made it safe and sound.  But you know what?  I still paid my life insurance last night and my car insurance the month before.  Because although the chances are low, the impact, on the off chance that it were to happen, is high.  The person that asks me those sort of questions is only looking at one side of the equation (probability) and missing the other side, impact.
I have made the decision to invest what I think is a reasonable amount of my time/energy/money on getting myself reasonably prepared for events that are low probability, but high impact should they happen.  So I’ve learned how to be reasonably effective in a gun fight and I shoot IDPA matches as often as I can.  I’ve taken medical training and carry some basic supplies so I can help myself and those around me after something bad has happened.  I study a martial art so I can still defend myself if, for some reason, I am unarmed and come under attack.
The fact that I have decided to do these things should make sense to anyone who has thought it through, although everyone needs to decide where their own threshold lies.  Just like some folks feel fine with high deductible insurance plans and others want “cadillac” coverage, there are many points along the continuum.  I choose “invest” no more than 10% of my time/energy/money in any of these in a given month.  Some may choose to invest more, others far less.  Some may choose zero – but at least make the choice.
Every class, range drill, and session on the mat I constantly think to myself “I really hope I never have to use this.”  Hopefully this explains why I can think that and at the same time I’m not wasting my time/every/money.






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