It will be light posting today since I am in an all day trauma medicine class. No, I don’t expect to be a world class Surgeon or even as good as a EMT with one day of training. But knowledge is power and I do expect to have a little more knoweldge at the end of the day than at the beginning. I figure I spend enough time learning about good ways to put holes in people should the need ever arise, that I guess spending one day learning how to patch up holes is worth it.
For those of you that are early in the walk towards personal responsibility and have decided to take on the responsibility for personal protection, I can’t emphasize enough the need to have balance. Everyone likes to talk about the coolest gun for CCDW, or the latest ammo. Less attention is paid to gear and trust me a god belt and holster can make all the difference between carrying and not carrying. I’ve found rigs that even violate that old rule of “carrying a gun should be comforting, not comfortable” – it is actually comfortable. And that can make all the difference when you are first starting out.
Training is the other part of the system that doesn’t get a lot of airplay. Maybe some artifact of spending too much time in school as kids? Anyway, training is important. Without training (and it’s twin practice) the chances you will be able to use that uber cool new CCDW gun with that ultar speed tactical zombie ammo are pretty low.
A few years ago I started making my personal protection purchases in a three cycle rotation: for every gun/ammo purchase I made, I forecd myself to make a gear purchase next and then a training purchase before I made my next gun/ammo purchase. Well today is training day…wonder what gun shops are open on Sunday 😉






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