Free product ideas

Since I am feeling generous this morning I’m going to give you, my 10 readers, a few free product ideas.  I give these away without any license – but if you go off and make them I’d like a free one in exchange for the inspiration I provided you.
First up, I’d like a personal drone.  Specifically an iDrone from Apple.  I have a 14 year old daughter who will be starting High School this fall before school has even started she is traipsing off to parties here and bonfires there.  I’ve already channeled my inner NSA agent and have the Life360 app installed on her iPhone (free bonus feature idea for the Life360 guys: allow me to activate her microphone and camera remotely…if Google can let the NSA do it on Android, surely Apple will let you guys do it) but lately I need a little more surveillance – “for her safety” of course.  What I’d like it pretty simple – a drone that would follow her around everywhere and send me back live streaming pictures.  Since she’d be inside sometimes, it would probably need some sort of thermal camera.  And since she is out at night too I guess it would need infrared or night vision.  Since I’d want one “on station” all the time, I guess I would need to buy two, so that one could be refueling while the other one was getting busy.  And while adding a Hellfire missile or two would be nice to deal with any “terrorists”, I don’t want to have to fill out the paperwork to get them, so I would be happy with some long range tranquilizer darts or maybe a tazer.  If someone could make something like that for $299 they’d sell a million of them (my estimated US population of girls between the age of 12 and 18).
Second, I’d like a projector or image technology that would prevent people from taking pictures of slides projected on a screen.  Think of it like the optical / visual technology that keeps people from just photocopying money (although for it doesn’t keep the Fed from doing it…but that’s another post…). This would let folks that wanted to have some modicum of control over the audience for their info present to audiences without the fear that their slides will immediately appear all over twitter, tumblr and instagram.  Not saying that that fear is justified – but simply acknowledging that it does exist and that a product that would cause any picture taken of a slide to be indecipherable would help these folks put more info into their presentations and at least result in a better presentation for the folks that actually get to show up and see it live.
If you made it this far, let me share a secret with you: I’m kidding about one of these – I don’t really want it.  Just not sure which one.
UPDATE: Looks like a Sushi restaurant has something close to what I am looking for in a drone.  Just replace the wasabi with a taser and it’ll be there.






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