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Looking back on past blog posts, I realize that I never posted about getting my Kentucky Concealed Carry of a Deadly Weapon (CCDW) Instructor permit a few months back – all my updates where in the internet black hole known as Facebook.  My original CCDW permit instructor, Joe Kalil, contacted me and asked if I’d like to take his instructor class.  Wasn’t something I was really considering, but I figured, why not?  It would certainly count (at least half) to my goal of attending at least one firearms related class a year and it might help having an additional credential for the work I was doing with School Attacker Response Course (SARC).
I took the course in April, did the teaching component in Mat and received my training certificate in June.  Pretty simple process overall – have to give the state credit when it’s due.  So now I have the bug to actually give a class – the question is why?  As I said, I have no illusions that I am going to become the next great firearms tactical ninja trainer.  I don’t really expect to even make any money giving classes.  There are two reasons I can come up with for wanting to give a class – a simple one and a more complex one.
The simple one first: a few of my friends who don’t have their CCDW found out I was getting my instructor permit and asked for me to give them a class.  Simple enough – I like doing things for my friends.  Good Karma and all.
The more complex reason is that I feel the need to do all I can to help people take their own steps towards liberty.  Accepting the responsibility that you are ultimately responsible for yourself is a giant step in that direction.  I recognize that not everyone is ready for such a step.  It’s a tough part of “growing up” when you realize that there’s not this magical bubble that will be there to protect you all the time.  This realization combined with the fact that we live in a dangerous world (whether it’s any more or less dangerous than it has been in the past is an interesting debate – one we can have in breaks at the class!) drives some people to want to do something about it.  If you are one of those people and what you have decided to do about it is take on the responsibility of self ownership, then consider getting your permit (if you haven’t already…I realize I’m a little late to the game here ;-).
Of course, I would be honored if you decided to take your permit course with me – you can find out more details and register here.  But, I also know that not everyone will want to take a class from a “newbie” instructor.  And that’s OK – don’t take a class with me.  But take a class with someone, get your permit and then carry.  A step forward for liberty by one is a step forward for liberty for all.






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