Double standard

A Monday morning thought experiment.
Let’s say you’re driving around minding your own business.  You see something out of place – someone that looks “suspicious”.  Your mind races to some of the bad things that have happened in the neighborhood recently so you decide to check it out.  As you get in closer, your “suspect” gets spooked and runs…and then fights.  You respond, fight back and kill them.  Who’s at fault?
Any of this sound familiar?  If it does, then you’ve probably read some of the blame game that has been going on in the last few days.  There are some who say that the person hanging around looking suspicious was at fault for initiating an attack.  There are others, notably in the media and government (I guess that’s redundant) and some civil rights organizations who say that you are at fault since you initiated the encounter – what gave you the right to pursue the other person based solely on your suspicions and recent history in the area?  You spooked them and drove them to violence – they had as much right to “stand their ground” as you do.
Now, for a twist.  I’m not referring to the Zimmerman / Martin case.  I think Say Uncle had the best summary of that mess.  This may be a case of where justice was impossible to render.  Nope, I’m talking about the US Drone program in the middle east.  Every day the United States Government, acting in your name, flies drones into foreign country airspace to “see what’s going on”.  Sometimes they see something suspicious and go to have a closer look.  Sometimes the folks they are looking at get spooked and make a run for it.  Sometimes we blow those people up.  Sometimes they are terrorists.  Sometimes they are civilians.  (Its kind of hard to tell after they’ve been blown up).
The story is not exactly the same (the “suspects” in this case usually can’t initiate a fight – they can only run) but the logic seems largely the same.  But in one case its OK and in another its not.  Double Standard?  Or just another example of the state doing whatever it wants and then coming up with the logic later?






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