Doing something

While our politicians bloviate, I decided to do something.  About a week ago I saw a request for help in getting a website setup for the School Attacker Response Course – something that Rob Pincus of ICE Training setup immediately in the wake of Sandy Hook.  The idea was to get training to the people that needed it most – teachers, administrators and all other school staff – on how to do more than just “hide and hope” as Rob puts it.  After 60 seconds of deliberation, I volunteered.  I may not be able to guard every school.  I may not be able to even keep my own children absolutely safe (although home schooling has been discussed…briefly) I may not have the knowledge or skills to train people how to deal with school attack scenarios.  But I know Rob does have that knowledge and skill so I wanted to help him get the word out, get instructors certified and help people find those instructors for this free, potentially life saving information.  It’s a small thing, but its what I can do to help move things in the direction I want them to go.  What are you going to do?






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