(Warning – this post is a complete and total spleen vent and contains NSFW / mature language and themes. You have been warned. Don't keep reading if its going to result it you getting all pissed off and leaving me nasty comments. This is truly a post that I am doing mostly to get it out / clear my head, not because I want to convince anyone of anything or have you try to do the same to me. I'm not sure I've said everything exactly right here – meaning it may not be coming out exactly the way I am thinking it – a limit of human language…or more likely my writing skills. This is just an exercise in catharsis).

Grow the Fuck Up. That's the phrase that I keep coming back to today. Whether its team Obama whooping and hollering, or team Romney declaring its the end of America – both groups of you need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like children. And no, I am not talking to the top level party and campaign officials. I'm talking to the average Joe / Jane who finds themselves in either camp. Today, I saw way too many "we're better / smarter / cooler" messages coming from team Obama – and just as many "the electorate is just plain stupid" messages from team Romney. Those are recent examples but I'm not just talking about your behavior after the election – I'm talking about how you are approaching your life.

The basis of most of the chatter seemed to be about what Obama will give us vs. what Romney would have if he'd been elected. The popular view seems to be Obama will give minorities more equality, better access to healthcare and an even shot for everyone. It all sounds good until you understand what he has to take away to make that all happen, namely a bunch of money to pay for it all. And don't get started on the raise the taxes on the rich chant – there is solid data showing that personal tax receipts have remained in a pretty tight band regardless of how high (or how low) tax rates go. So its a false control – the government can't increase its income simply by charging the tax payers more. But when rates increase it is a fact that tax payers have less. Obama will take our income which results in less freedom. Some members of the President's party go even further – they want to directly restrict your freedom…for your own good of course.

Romney on the other hand was supposed to give us free markets, a growing economy and remove burdensome regulation. Of course that's not without taking – he would also have taken some of our rights to choose, our rights to free association, rights to free speech and all the other things that Bush II started us on the path of. To be honest this is what drove me away from the Republican party, and what seems to have repulsed many of the voters that cast their ballot for Obama yesterday: they can't stop with just being fiscally conservative – they have to keep going to the point of being mean, or in some cases even crazy. ; What "average" person is going to vote for a party that merely "distances" itself from crap like that?

So we have one side promising to give specific groups some more rights and freedoms, while planning to take more of everyone's money and the other promising to give everyone more (of their own) money while taking away rights and freedoms from specific groups. ; After yesterday's election I really know what Ray felt like in Ghostbusters. The two parties are the opposite side of the same coin. Ying and yang. Mom and dad.

That's right, both parties and their candidates are just parental surrogates. Mommy Obama tells you its going to be al right – that "she'll" take care of you. Mean old step-daddy Romney wants to kick your ass the minute you step out of line. The proof is in everyone's newsfeed today – almost every comment boils down to "my 'parent' is better than yours…neeener – neener". All the while we are missing the bigger picture. All the while we continue to loose our basic freedoms and liberties. All the while the future for our children gets darker. Let me be clear: these things would all be true regardless of who won yesterday.

Every child eventually have the urge to break out from their parents and to taste freedom – looking for the thrill making your own choices, but not anticipating the responsibility that comes with it. It is my sincere hope that we as a population in America develop the same urge. Let's stop giving into the promises and ignoring the restrictions. Lets take responsibility for ourselves and our neighbors directly rather than letting daddy or mommy do it for us. Lets taste freedom and accept the risk that we might fail. Let's grow the fuck up.





3 responses to “GTFU”

  1. Dennis Kelley Avatar
    Dennis Kelley

    A well stated rant and I said those exact words -not to you directly- but in my mind GTFU. Now you have and I am proud.

  2. Chris Avatar

    One other thing that I forgot to get out. The Republican party really pisseed me off this go around. At least what the Democrats are doing hangs together as a logical set. They want to run all these social programs to hook everyone up to the state ninny and get more control over them, therefore they need to take a little more from everyone to pay for all of it. The Republicans claim that they want to balance the budget. Cool. But then they have to go on and list all the rights and freedoms they want to take away from very specific groups. Why do those two fit together?!? Why can't they just stop at the budget talk? Just proves that Scarface was right….first you get the money, then you get the power (I guess Clinton was the last one to go all the way through with it and get the women).

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