The time off from work over the holidays was great. One reason was the immense number of things that I was able to cross off my to do list that had been there for months. Walls were patched and painted, closets were cleaned, cars got alignments and new tires. It really was cathartic. Of course the to do list doesn't get shorter, new things just get added to the bottom. It seems I have a lot of building in my near future:

  • As I have previously tweeted, The Makerbot I ordered a few weeks ago came in almost 10 days ago. It is still sitting in its box on a workshop table at home because I just haven't had time to do an official I boxing with all the associated picture taking. That build may start tomorrow.
  • Also something that I leaked out earlier (on Facebook) but I ordered a greenhouse a few days ago. It should be here in a few weeks and then it will be a race to get the site prepared and the greenhouse up in time to use it to start seeds this year. The big thing I have to decide here is what sort of heating I want to add since some of the options include laying some pipes in the floor, so I need to decide what I want before I start.
  • I have also decided to send some more money to the .gov and build an SBR. For those not in the know, that TLA stands for short barreled rifle, which is any rifle with less than a 16 inch barrel or 26 inches of overall length and it requires a $200 tax stamp in order to be legal to own (in addition to the cost of the rifle). I sent some money to the ATF last year to buy a 762 SD can (suppressor / silencer) from AAC, so now I have the bug to build a 300 BLK rifle. I have ordered the upper, lower and bolt from Head Down Products and they are on their way to my FFL. I think I am going to go with a 8" barrel from Noveske, but the rest is up in the air. This will be a long term project since it can take 4-6 months for the .gov forms to clear.
  • Lastly, as it starts to get into March I will be starting a new round pen for training our horses. We had a metal one that I traded away a while ago, and one of our horses needs it for some training we want to do with him. So I'll be tilling, compacting, hauling gravel, setting posts and putting up rails.

It's only 4 things, but it think it should keep my weekend, wallet and blog busy for a while.





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