Genius or idiocy?

I am not sure on which end of the spectrum to place this ad I saw from Ford:

The ad shows a question from a fan of the new Explorer on facebook on an HTC phone on the Sprint network.  They then answer the question in the ad.  This makes me wonder a few things:

  • Is this a real question from a real fan on the Explorer fan page?  If so, did they also answer it on the page or do they make you wait until their ad comes out and hope that you see it to know the answer?  Reminds me of the story of the executive who prints out all his email and has his secretary respond with letters…
  • Then again if it’s a fake question from a fake fan on a fake page, well then they would be screaming to the market “look at me, I’m relevant, just like facebook!”
  • Did they get get money for the ad from either HTC of Sprint (I know they got diddle from facebook – why would they need to advertise)?
  • Is this a trial ballon or are their other ads out here in this series?

It sort of surprises me a little bit since I have test driven the new Explorer and I have to say its a great car (not trick – lost that distinction with the new model).  I would have expected more from their ad department in getting me to pay attention to it.





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  1. cbeck Avatar

    In addition to terrain, Ford adjusts to the latest trends as determined by Wierd Al and @CrazyCoolioKid.

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