The year is already a quarter over. So, a quick update on my new years resolutions.

  • Get back into the swing of things at the gym – C.  I started strong but when I threw out my back a few weeks ago, I have seriously trailed off.  Definitely need to do better.  I think I am going to have to lay back on the running and find some lower impact cardio that I like.
  • Get my HAM radio license – D. I gave this one a good run and purchased a few small handlheld HAM radios…that exploded in my office while I was charging them (and almost burned down my house).  My plan is to reset this one once the kids are out of school and volleyball slows down.  Find a local club and attend a few meetings…we’ll see.
  • Get my sharshooter classification at IDPA – B.  I shot the classifier at the one match I have attended so far this year and was only 3 seconds from getting sharpshooter.  I am fairly certain that with some more practice (and when my holster for my Glock 35 finally comes in….been on order since November!) I can shave off 3 seconds.  Of course at Marksman, I won my division at the match.  Getting to sharpshooter will mean I will place lower in the matches for a while.  And after actually shooting the classified, that stretch goal of Expert is right out for this year!
  • Get back into sporting clays – D. Still haven’t busted a bird yet this year, but the late running cold weather has something to do with that.  The good news is I plan to spend my birthday with my Dad down at Elk Creek so I should be able to make some progress on this one.
  • Go on at least one overnight camping trip with the wife, kids and horses – D-.  I need everyone’s help to convince my wife this is something she actually wants to do…or I may end up failing this for the year 😉
  • Resist the urge to overplan / overschedule our vacation to Europe this year – A. So far I have a way for us to get around, a place for us to stay and a starter list of one thing to see a day.  The rest we’ll take care of when we get to each location and see what we feel like doing.
  • Desire less – be happy with what I have – A.  My level of ‘consumerism’ has been lower in the first 3 months of this year than ever in my adult life.

Overall grade – C. Need to do better…






3 responses to “25%”

  1. John Avatar

    Want my suggestion on lower impact cardio?

    1. aakelley Avatar

      Sure, but remember this is a family blog.

      1. John Avatar

        I was going to say Yoga or bike riding, but your suggestion is better.

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