A poem by Kendall

She wrote this last night and turned it in for an assignment today.

I am what I am
I am known by many names
I am ‘Kendy’ to my friends
My brother wants ‘sissy’ when doing homework
Mom calls “Kendall Paige Kelley” when she gets aggrivated
But most of the time I am just Kendall
I am a volleyball champ, an artist, a reader
I am a talkative, shy, sly, obedient and lazy one
Words are what I do best
But if you ask me to read Chinese, forget about it!
I am waves crashing against the rocks
loud & rough
But then I am the settling of dust, silent & stubborn
I am what I am
I love to bask in the glory of my sketchpad
with 100 blank pages, just waiting to be drawn on
I run along side the characters in my book
while they race between mountains
without leaving my bedroom
I am what I am
The good sister (though I rarely show it)
It is still inside and when it comes out
it really shows
I am what I am
The girl that is quiet
while her friends chatter away
is probably me
I don’t find silence solitary or lonely
in fact I find it exhilarating to hear all of the
words and sentences pour out from their mouths
I am what I am
I am listener
I am adviser
I am learner
I am teacher
I am reader
I am writer
I am sister
I am friend
I am artist
I am athlete
I am what I am

I dunno if I could have written that in 6th grade.






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