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So after some feedback from my readers, a few decisions have been made on our European trip for next Summer.  First, we will be going in the first few weeks of June.  Second, I got a lot of feedback that it’s an easy trap to fall into to over schedule and try to go to 14 cities in 12 days.  So what we decided to do was let each person pick a city that we would spend 3 days in, with a day for travel in between, nicely filling out a little over a two week trip.  Mason was the first to pick and selected London.  He really wants to see the Tower of London, Big Ben and the Eye of London.  Kendall went next and picked Seville.  She actually picked Spain in general, but I told her she had to pick a city and went through the Lonely Planet book and pick from Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.  After careful study she picked Seville (not sure why…I’ve never been there, so it will be a first for all of us).  DeAnna picked next and she wants to go to Ireland.  Again, not sure whether we will be spending our time in Dublin or in the country side, so open for some suggestions here.  I picked last and went with Italy, specifically Rome with maybe a side trip to Assisi (yes, I know that’s cheating).  DeAnna is trying to change my mind and have us go to Venice, so we’ll see who wins out.
Now on to the next request of you, loyal readers: where should we fly into and out of?  What order should we see the cities?  Lastly, any must see for kids in any of the cities we are going to?





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  1. Lisa Avatar

    No suggestions…I'd just like to go along.

  2. Jim Avatar

    fly longhaul into/out of london. does cheap hops from several london airports to several ireland airports. and they're an irish airline so it'll be a cinch to get flights to either Seville or Rome and then back to London. they also fly between Rome and Seville I think (and Venice-Seville, but I'd stick with Rome). you could use ryanair for all your shorthauls I think but you might get fed up with them. tickets are cheap but they charge for almost anything "extra" they can think of (inflight toilets!). try and avoid flying ryanair on friday nights and sunday nights as they're popular with weekenders and price goes up. you could do them in all sorts of orders but I'd go with London (great way to start) – Dublin – Seville and Rome (for the big finish). must-sees? London, first visit, just do all the well known sights and throw in covent garden, camden market. Dublin, a day in the city and then get out into Ireland with a hirecar. seville, no idea, but everything I hear tells me it could be the pick of the bunch. The whole of Rome is a tourist attraction so you can't go wrong!

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