Planning ahead – request for ideas!

Been a bit light here again.  Summer has just been too much fun.  Between volleyball clinics, shooting 2-3 times a week, karate, vacation, concerts and too many BBQ’s to count I just haven’t really had time to update the old blog.  This I thought was blog worthy though (plus it’s like 106 outside so I was looking for something to do while I cool off):
European Vacation
The vacation we took a month ago to the Outer Banks of North Carolina was absolutely great.  The weather cooperated and although it threatened rain every day, we still managed to be outside at the beach every time we wanted to.  The place (Avon, NV) was great too: just enough city to have a grocery store, but not enough people to keep us from having essentially a private beach.  Another thing that made it great was the kids: they have finally reached the age where they are cool and fun to be around all the time.  That got me to thinking on the (long) drive back home: what sort of vacations can we do now?  We’ll always go to the beach with the family, but what else is out there that we haven’t done?  More importantly what should we do before its too late (i.e. Kendall is off to college after 7 more summers…shiver)?
Two thoughts immediately popped to mind: I need to take the family to Europe and I need to take the family around the US.  After a little discussion, we have agreed to do Europe first and are looking at late May / early June of 2011, right after they get off for summer break.  Passport applications are in, pictures are being take, luggage is being selected.  Now all we have to do is figure out where to go?  This is where I need your help: we will be going for about 2 weeks.  We will see a maximum of 4 cities / areas in that time.  Each of us gets to pick one place to go see.  I have ordered a Lonely Planet Europe book to let the kids skip through before making up their minds.  But I also want to get the most intelligent audience in the blogosphere (that being you) involved as well: where do you think we should go?  DeAnna has been a few times already and has seen Paris, London, Milan and Venice.  The kids have never been, although they already want to see Spain, Greece and Egypt (yes, I told them that Egypt is not in Europe).  So fire up the comments section and let me know what should be on the short list.





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  1. Mike Avatar

    Four cities could get you in trouble depending where they are. You might be traveling all of the time. I might suggest from experience, London, Copenhagen, Munich, and Rome. Close to what you want. The arts and history of these cities are hard to beat. When you get to America, I'll pipe up. The Outer Banks were a first Great choice.
    Worry when you kids are 7 years out of college, not now.
    Mike Schramm

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