Step 1 – drive to your local u-pick strawberry patch.

Step 2 – bring home 13 lbs of strawberries (picked by you, your lovely wife and children).  10 lbs for jam and 3 lbs because you couldn’t figure out how much 10 lbs was when you were picking and you can’t put them back on the plant after you’ve picked them

Step 3 – cut-up said strawberries on a make-shift outdoor kitchen (so your lovely wife doesn’t kill you for making a mess and making the house hot when you get to step 4)

Step 4 – cook the strawberries on a camp stove (see reason in step 3).  Add in pectin and sugar.

Step 5 (optional) – through strawberry tops to your chickens.

Step 6 – put cooked strawberry mixture in ball jars, seal with fresh lids, cover in boiling water (at least an inch over the top) and boil for 1 hour (not optional if you want to live after eating results)

Step 7 – let them cool. Wait a few weeks and enjoy.

Step 8 – since you have the outdoor kitchen all setup, might as well brew some beer while you are at it too ;-).

That was my memorial day. Hope you did something great!






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    Cool stuff !

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