Summer reading

So what are you reading, and most importantly what are you reading with your kids this summer? My daughter has been studying American history during the revolutionary war, but is stopping short before they get to all the really good stuff, oh, like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
So it hit me on the way to school this morning: this summer I am going to read the constitution, with my kids. I think I can make it fun too: they’ll get a silver eagle for each right outlined in the Constitution and the Amendments that they can demonstrate to me exercising (First will be easy, 2nd only with supervision, wonder what they will come up with for the 10th?).
I don’t think the school is intentionally skipping the Constitution, but rather this is just one of those things that a parent has to take responsibility for in their child’s education. I am also not going all crazy constitutionalist either – I just think its important to understand the result of the reason that so many fought and died to found and protect this country.
So, anyone know where I can get a few kid friendly copies of that great document?






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      Great link. Ordered!

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