Lot’s going on as we transition into spring (finally!).

DeAnna and I got the horses out for the first ride of the new year on Friday.  I only almost got killed twice, her just once.  Will be a few more rides before they get the hang of it again.

Kendall played in her third club VB tournament.  This one was a little different format: there was a pool of 4 teams and then they put the winners of the 3 pools into a gold bracket and the losers into a silver bracket.  Ended up that she played in 5 games that day and her team emerged as the winners of the silver bracket.  Overall she played great and the team did well, considering they were only one of 3 U11 teams in the tournament – the rest were all U12’s.

Mason spent some more time burning up the yard and driveway in his go-kart.  He has really moved along from driving like a grandma when he first got it (no offense to any grandma’s out there) to driving like a miniature Mario Andretti now.  A full review of the go-kart will be forthcoming.

The down side of spending all say Saturday at the VB tournament was that I didn’t get to spend any time outside in the great weather we had.  Fortunately the rain held off enough on Sunday that I was able to spend a few hours in the garden on Sunday after church and volleyball practice.  I was able to finally get the peas, spinach, mesculun mix, lettuce mix, arugula, and carrots into the ground.  I got the last row covered as the first rain drops started to fall, so I didn’t have to water anything in.  It looks like we will be in a good pattern the next week or so with 2 days of sun and 1 day of rain, so I am hopeful everything in the ground will get off to a great start.

Looking ahead to this weekend, the last volleyball game for Kendall’s school team that I coach is on Friday.  We are 5-2 and in second place after loosing to a pretty bad team last Friday in the second game of our double header.  Completely my fault since I told them they were playing a bad team and they definitely took their foot off the gas and played down to the level of their competition.  If we can pull off a win this Friday, it will be a respectable, if not great, season.  On Saturday there is no club volleyball, but Kendall has her slumber party. Hopefully the girls will actually sleep, unlike a few of the boys at Mason’s party. Then on Sunday, Kendall and DeAnna are headed off to see Kendall’s birthday gift – front row tickets to Taylor Swift (I would take her, but any 30-something guy in the front row of a Taylor Swift concert is just asking to get his head kicked in by security).

After that, it’s one more week at work and then off for spring break.  Lot’s of projects planned for that week: mulching all the flower beds, building some more raised beds for the veggie garden, paint the pasture fence, fertilize and lime the pastures, plant some fruit trees…sounds like I will need two weeks off!






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    good call on Taylor Swift.
    I'm just sayin 😉

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