Our Garden, 2010 edition

The snow falling last week and melting this week has me in the mood for Spring to be here.  NOW.  Since I don’t have control over the weather, I though I would focus on what I can control and that is planning for this year’s garden.  A few things will be different this year from last.

Layout of our 2010 garden


First the things that won’t be back this year: I am finally giving up on corn.  I can’t grow it better than I can buy it from the farmers market, so why bother.  I am also not going to try to start tomatos and peppers from seed this year.  It was a good experiment last year and I did get plants, but I suspect they were a little less hardy than they would have been if I had gotten them from the nursery.  I am also going to pare back to only a few cucumber plants.  Just enough for salads since I put up enough pickles and relish last year to last a few years.

Now for the old favorites that will be back this year: I am really looking forward the asparagus and strawberry beds coming in this year.  They are both in raised beds and really came in through the fall, so I expect to have good yields from both.  The Kale and Collards have both weathered the winter well and I expect the same plants to come in this year.  I’ll be doing bush beans, peas, several types of squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, blue and gold potatoes (this year I am trying to tire method) and eggplant.

Lastly the newbies this year: I grew beets last fall but this will be the first time I am trying them in the spring.  I also had really good luck with the Mesclun mixes and this year am expanding to include spinach and aruglua.  I am also adding a rhubarb bed in one of the raised beds I nitrified last year with some beans, so I expect it to come in well.  Lastly I am trying to tomatillos as there are just too many good recipes that include them.

I will be getting some seeds started in doors this week and will have them in the cold frame in a few weeks.  First tings go in the ground March 15th – that’s less than a month a way!  I feel warmer already.






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