My newest shootin' iron

Made a trade yesterday to pick up my newest shootin’ iron: A stainless steel Ruger Vaquero (the original ones that can shoot ’em as hot as you can make ’em) in 357 Magnum.

The plan is to pickup a cheapy 12 gauge side by side shotgun, a nice lever action (Henry) in the same caliber, some shootin’ leathers (that would be a belt and holster) and then try out some cowboy action shooting.  Looks like great fun and where else can I combine all my favorite hobbies!  Now I just need to join SASS and pick out my alias – all suggestions welcome 😉






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  1. Neven Strmski Avatar
    Neven Strmski

    Those lever action Henrys are super nice. I am thinking about getting one in a 22 cal. I'm not sure exactly what caliber you were refering to above. Apparantly you can even put a nice scope on the Henry even though it has pretty good sights. I just bought a nice "varmint" 17 HMR bolt-action…..over 2,000 f/s. Need to adjust the scope though. I'd like to try for Turkey with the 17 HMR… maybe use some hollow points. Sold my cheapy 12 gauge over and under. I've found that O/U and Side by side 12 guages get pretty heavy carrying them around and shooting even with a sling; unless you want to spend good money for a nice light weight 12 guage side by side. Also have an old 16 guage bolt-action… works pretty well with the right ammo.
    Good luck cowboy,

    1. aakelley Avatar

      The revolver pictured there is in 357 Remington Magnum (or just 357 Mag) so that's what I am looking for in the Henry. Trying to not be tempted by the cheaper Rossi's, although a lot of people have good things to say about them too. I have a nice (Weatherby) O/U that I use for sporting clays. From what I have read, most of your stuff ends up in a 'cowboy cart' for cowboy action shooting so I'm not too concerned about weight.
      16 gauge and bolt action in the same gun – wow, that is an odd one. Hope you reload!

      1. Neven Strmski Avatar
        Neven Strmski

        357 Henry….Wow…that's awesome!
        The16 guage bolt action is a cheap and old make and model. Very odd indeed. I had to have part of the bolt pin replaced. The bolt action makes it an interesting challenge for a shotgun, but I ain't plannin' on fixin' for a showdown with you pardner !

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