Rhythm blogging

I seem to have fallen out of my blogging rhythm again.  This happens to me now and again and I really don’t know why.  Sure, I have been busy, but in some ways that give me more to talk about.  Since my last post there have been countless volley ball games, practices and tryouts.  There have been many adventures and mis-adventures on the farm – big trail rides, block parties, new chickens.  And there has been lots of interesting stuff going on at work.  So maybe its the double whammy of being busy: less time to sit down and write about / reflect on what’s happening and more stuff happening at the same time, so I just think I am so far behind I will never catch up.  Maybe the weeks that go by are my way of hitting the reset button and declaring ‘blogging bankruptcy’, clearing the decks with a post like this and then setting off in a new direction talking about whatever has my fleeting attention for the next few months.
I still love my blog.  Just need to remember to visit it more often.






2 responses to “Rhythm blogging”

  1. Paul Cahill Avatar

    I think its because its easier to update a twitter/Facebook with a couple quick status updates than putting thought into a full blog post. Emily and I have trouble with that and my friend Chris's blog (KyBlogger.com)has been slowing down compared to previous years.

  2. aakelley Avatar

    That's definitely part of it too. I have even found myself tending toward facebook more than twitter in recent weeks because its the simplest way to update since I can't find a goof iphone twitter client I like.

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